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Automation and Technology

From the beginning, our firm has been dedicated to the integration of automated computer technology and the legal system with an ambitious goal in mind - maximizing the quality of legal services delivered while minimizing the cost to the client.

We are achieving this goal through automation. We have an integrated network of Macintosh-compatible workstations with a central file server. Each staff member has a computer workstation at their desk. We also provide computer workstations and modems for staff members to keep in their homes so that they may access our network 24 hours a day. We firmly believe that maximum efficiency requires that all information be available to all the staff, all the time.

From the convenience of their desk, each memmber of the staff has immediate access to a vast array of computer services such as: electronic mail for instant communication with anyone on the network, including other staff members, clients and outside firms; group scheduling; client files; databases of current client- and case-related information; libraries of legal form templates to save time in the creation of documents; case law libraries; specialized legal research and litigation management software; fax/data modems; high-quality printers; and graphics tools for creating non-traditional exhibits which enable us to show our case to a jury rather than simply telling them about it.

We have a full-time advisor/technician on the staff to maintain our many systems to downtime is minimal if not avoided altogether and to develop new systems as new technology becomes available. We provide technical support and/or training for our staff, clients and other firms who wish to network with us and are in frequent contact with developers and experts in the computer industry to stay informed of the most up-to-date information available.

We are not just committed to using technology, however. We are committed to advancing it. In 1987, Dominick Salfi founded a special-interest group of attorneys and businesspeople from throughout Central Florida. Since then, the group has met monthly at our offices to exchange ideas on how to best utilize computer systems in law firms and businesses and to evaluate new software as it is developed. We often has access to pre-release and beta versions of software and can contribute our ideas to the final products as they are being developed.

We are also involved in creating a national, online, "virtual" law firm/courthouse which will provide access to legal services and resources for attorneys and non-attorneys alike directly through the telephone lines from their personal computers.